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Is WalkBye authorized to sell the brands featured on its website?

Yes, absolutely. We have exclusive contracts with each brand on our website and are their authorized marketing & reselling partner.

How do you shortlist the brands?

Every brand that we select goes through a 5 - step screening process before being featured on our portal. In addition, we sign an agreement with our suppliers to make sure that the brand owners stand behind their offerings should anything go wrong with your product. After all, our ultimate aim is not just to sell you a product but a lifetime of memorable experiences.

Do you offer warranty on the products sold?

This varies from brand to brand. By law, all our products are mandated to provide a minimum warranty period and you can find out this information about each product on its description page. If you have any further queries regarding a products warranty or performance write to us at: and we would be glad to assist.

Who do I contact if my product is not working as expected?

If your product is not working as expected, reach out to us immediately. We will contact the brand owner on your behalf to make sure that all issues are resolved to your satisfaction.

The product I received is Broken/Dead, what do I do?

Don’t worry, if a product you receive is Broken/Dead, send us an e-mail at: and we will either guide you on how to resolve the issue or send you a replacement.

Are these products waterproof?

Unfortunately, none of the battery based products can be considered a 100% waterproof. Different products have different degrees of water resistant technology built and there is always a chance that water might damage the battery or other electronic parts. So we suggest being extra careful while operating our products in rainy and/or slippery conditions.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes, we do. However, we would need to charge a small amount for shipping the product at your location. Please read our "Shipping & Return Policy" for details or write to us at: and we will get back to you with an exact quote.

I have not received my ordered product yet, what do I do?
We are very sorry to hear that, please reach out to us at: and we would let you know the transit status of your product.

I am not happy with my product can I have a refund/replacement/return?
Our policies are governed by the welfare of our customers, therefore, there must be something we should be able to do in such undesirable situations as well. Please contact us and we will provide a solution to you.

Why am I asked to provide additional details about the order I placed recently? 
We are sorry for the hassle; however, this is for your own good. Australia over past few years has become a favourite destination for credit card fraudsters & online scammers.

We get such fraud transactions quite a few times each month. In order to protect Australian consumers from processing transactions on their stolen cards, we have implemented fraud prevention systems that work on complex algorithm and raise red flag on certain transactions. Not all the transactions flagged Red turn out to be fraud as our systems' accuracy has been found to be just over 90%.

If you have been asked to provide extra details then it means that although your transaction was flagged Red yet, we have reasons to believe that it could be a legit transaction and that's why in stead of canceling the order straight away, we approached you to help us gather additional info. to prove the legitimacy of your transaction, should a conflict arise in future.

However, don't panic at all! Any additional information you provide is kept safe in our records and remains hidden from general public & even our own employees who do not have clearance to access these records.

Note that we reserve the right to cancel your order and fully refund the charged card, even after you provided the required details. We only fulfil order, once we have established that the transaction is completely legit without any reasonable doubt.


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