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Why Us

Alright we get it, these self propelling electrical devices with wheels are a rage. Everybody wants to own one and so do you! After all walking is not fun anymore (well, for a few it never was). However, given the sheer number of brands available, isn't it a challenge to select the best that you rightfully deserve?

Wouldn't it be great to have all these legit brands and their features accessible at your finger tips?

Be careful (hopeful) what you wish for, as it has just come true. We present to you, world's one & only platform that lets you browse through all the brands & their specialties to help you take an informed decision without any hassles. Currently our offerings comprise of:

We at WalkBye, strive to showcase every brand that not only offers premium quality human carriers but are also passionate about making rolling on the streets a fun filled experience. Needless to say, if you don’t find a particular brand on our website then perhaps it is not even worth considering at all because we are committed to offer you nothing but the best along with a first class customer service.

We understand that a lot of fake & poor quality products in market have actually created an air of skepticism around safety & performance of these wonderful gifts of Technology. Most of us therefore, end up depriving ourselves from this delightful feeling of free floating, because we remain overwhelmed by the fear of product failure, not to mention wasting our hard earned money.

Therefore, every brand that we select goes through a 5 - step screening process before being featured on our portal. In addition, we sign an agreement with our suppliers to make sure that the brand owners stand behind their offerings should anything go wrong in future. After all, our ultimate aim is to provide you a memorable shopping experience along with that much needed peace of mind while you enjoy your rolling moments.

So go to our shopping page NOW and check it out for yourself.


Don’t forget, in this era of non-walkers, you are defined by the wheels that carry you!

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WalkBye is only a re-seller of the products featured on its website therefore, guarantee/warranty or any other kind of claims must be settled with the original brand owners directly. However, we are always here to help you with all your queries and after sales requirements. Just contact us and we will respond within 48 hours of receiving your word.



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