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World Hoverboard Day - Why they should be a part of Mainstream Traffic...

Posted by Ami M on

It's high time we acknowledged the importance of PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices) and allowed Hoverboards become a part of mainstream traffic. Not just that, I would even go to the lengths of recommending that at least one of the days in a week should be dedicated to ride Hoverboards only. A day to celebrate non polluting, fun and eco friendly way of personal transportation.

“World Hoverboard Day”, it sounds so good in my head, may be not so much out loud but no harm imagining a day to encourage young and old to ride these self balancing scooters to offices, shopping malls or wherever you are going.

Imagine swirling competitions near the water cooler! Well, that might sound a little too much but in the world I want to live in, I see it as a reality. The sooner, the better.


Celebrities' Love for Hoverboards


On a serious note, there are some real reasons why making Hoverboards legal could be a good thing:



          My first argument against unbanning hoverboards from traffic roads is that there is no good reason for it not to! Yes, no GOOD reason.

If the lawmakers get to it, suppliers will be forced to adhere quality specifications and inferior products will help themselves out. Just like the ACCC did in Australia. What they did is an outstanding example of looking at the issue from a fresh perspective and be willing to change, it is not that hard to have safe devices and safe environment to go hovering. The results of the action by ACCC have been amazing so far!

I understand exploding batteries is a real hazard and nobody should keep a ticking bomb at home, let alone under their feet. However, if we look around, batteries are used everywhere, including the device used to read this post, our phones, our laptops to our cars and air planes, we are always in very close proximity of batteries and we trust those devices. There are documented incidents of phones, cars and even airplanes catching fire due to misuse or faulty engineering, but it did not stop us from progressing.

On the contrary, incidents like those urged manufacturers to innovate, create better designs, use reliable material and come up with safer durable alternatives. The same can be applied to our dear Hoverboards as well. You buy a standard certified product and all goes well, you buy a cheap fake knock off, you risk burning down your house.

Shutting down an industry because of a few quick buck chasers is so unjust. The emphasis should be on selling quality product and tightening up the law against illegally imported unsafe devices.

Fortunately, we are already halfway there, authorities have approved certain certified Hoverboard brands but more work needs to be done to prevent the hazardous ones from being sold. Now that we know why Hoverboards should be allowed in marketplace, our next argument is its legalisation on public places.


Personal Mobility Devices



Prohibition was not helpful – the heart wants, what it wants. For something which has a dedicated audience and charm attached, something that is not criminal, it is better to correct the mistakes and make it worthy for usage rather than prohibit it altogether.

One thing that prohibition helped achieve is endanger the people who buy quality compromised devices and made them break the law every time they use it. It fuels curiosity, making it all the more appealing to the rebel hearts. The demand excites the suppliers and with little obstruction, unsafe products end up in households. People are still at risk and the very purpose of banning hoverboard sale is unserved. It's time to do the right thing and create a responsible marketplace.



Ever heard of theory of evolution? Well, it exists everywhere! Our (Australian) traffic laws were created in 1930s. The same has been amended a number of times, with the increasing number of vehicles and their different types. Infrastructure has been created to make way for the very large to the very light mode of transportation, be it the tanker road train or a cycling track. Point is, change is inevitable.

We would be living in denial, if we ignore the way devices like Hoverboard are shaping the future of personal transportation. It is only right to make way for Hoverboards on the pathways or cycling tracks.

Yes, it may add to chaos at first but we are asking to rush to the tracks right away! My argument is to look forward for a gradual change where there is hope for new generation of transportation devices. For what is happening, putting a dead stop on using Personal Rideables is foolish. It is a two-way street for the authorities and the hoverboard makers. The industry will have to make changes to make the product safe for public places and authorities will have to lay out rules to merge its usage in the current system.


Self Balancing Scooter



Carbon emission – isn’t everyone talking about it these days? Well, we should, as our future depends on how we tackle this issue to avoid the catastrophic events in future arising due to green house effect on our planet. Every step taken to discourage use of fossil fuels, even for a last mile transportation, is a step in the right direction. Think about all those places which are too far to walk on foot and too close to reach by driving in a car. Given a choice and our busy lives, somehow walking always takes a back seat in such situations. Imagine how hoverboards can fill that gap. One step at a time, and faith in humanity restores!



Welcome to the world of CYNICS who have a conspiracy theory for everything! One cannot sell it, one cannot buy it and if somehow you get past the first two obstacles, one cannot ride it in public places!

Well, that is the rule but many of us still get past all of that and no harm is done, either to self or the others. To begin with, it is not a weapon, it’s a fun thing, made by fun people, for the fun people. I fail to see where the issue is? Why is it so difficult to understand that the intention here is to have some fun! Banning its use seems a little too harsh, isn’t it?



Healthy competition is always good for any industry. Encouraging use of self balancing scooters will SURELY help in spreading awareness. Buyers will know what not to buy and why. Only quality products will survive the market forces and safety will become the selling point, as it already has. Let the manufactures figure out a way to make the device safe for charging and using in public areas. It will encourage seller to get their products tested and certified.       

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