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Experts Speak — ACCC Ban

How to Select the “Right” Hoverboard that suits YOUR Style !!

Posted by Manav Sharma on

How to Select the “Right” Hoverboard that suits YOUR Style !!

Read This Before You Choose to Buy Self Balancing Scooter There are a wide variety of Hoverboards available to you today. Some have been deemed inferior that are cheaper than the best-made options. However, for your own fun, safety and the safety of others, you should consider the best choices for yourself. Ask Yourself Some Questions Before Buying A Hoverboard: What are you going to use the hoverboard for? Transportation from home to work or school? Or just for fun? How often do you plan to use it? Daily? Or just a few times per week or month? What features...

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Regulation on Electric Unicycles in Australia is around the Corner?

Posted by Sanjeev Kaushik on

Yes, you read that right! It's not just the Hoveboards that are under scrutiny - the ACCC is also considering whether there needs to be a similar regulation in place for electric unicycles. Read more about Interim Ban on Sale of Unsafe Hoverboards! In its recent circulation ACCC quoted: "We are also considering whether any future regulation should extend to capture single wheeled ride-on devices powered by lithium-ion batteries. The ACCC is aware of one house fire in the United Kingdom in October 2015 related to a single-wheeled device." Read more about the fire Incident in UK due to Electric...

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