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How to Select the “Right” Hoverboard that suits YOUR Style !!

Posted by Manav Sharma on

Read This Before You Choose to Buy Self Balancing Scooter

There are a wide variety of Hoverboards available to you today. Some have been deemed inferior that are cheaper than the best-made options. However, for your own fun, safety and the safety of others, you should consider the best choices for yourself.

Ask Yourself Some Questions Before Buying A Hoverboard:

  • What are you going to use the hoverboard for? Transportation from home to work or school? Or just for fun?
  • How often do you plan to use it? Daily? Or just a few times per week or month?
  • What features and attributes you value highly? Safety is the obvious and easy answer. But well-made hoverboards may have different attributes (covered below) and features that might appeal to you.
  • What is your budget? While we have time & again recommended that you avoid super-cheap, poorly made aftermarket models – for your own safety and equally suspect reliability and durability. Don’t opt for the cheapest brand without reading its specifications and reviews.

Answering the above questions must narrow the overwhelming list of choices for you. As always, give yourself honest, objective (not emotional) answers.

Popular Features that make a Hoverboard Stand-Out

Quality construction is a top feature priority, as it should be. A safe hoverboard, not subject to spontaneous combustion issues, is always an important consideration. Consider only hoverboards that feature board stability, durability, reliability, quality construction, and quality wheels to ensure smooth riding. If you’re on a “tight” budget, reasonable pricing should be a strong consideration too.


Self Balancing Scooter

Hoverboard Technology Features

Hoverboards use a variety of technologies to enhance your riding experience and you must be aware of at least a few of those.

  • Gyroscopes: Self-balancing hoverboards use gyroscopes to help you maintain your balance on them. It is the same technology used to “balance” aircraft and spacecraft i.e. gyros help maintain balance. A perfect & advanced Gyroscope Technology can not only quicken the learning curve for newbies but it also minimizes your chances of falling and injuring yourself:
  • Batteries: The concern over poor quality batteries and/or chargers has led to restrictive legislation in the US, Australia, and much of Europe. Underwriters Laboratories (UL), which certifies many electric items, e.g., small appliances, for safety, is now testing many of the world’s Hoverboards available to the public. It is very important that the brand you finally go ahead with, must possess necessary safety related approvals & certifications. Read more about them: "Interim Ban on Sale of Unsafe Hoverboards"
    • Sensory Data Motion: On quality two-wheel hoverboards, you’ll find an electric motor inside each wheel. Hoverboard wheels also include tilt and speed sensors, which detect RPMs for each wheel, sending this data to the gyroscope and speed control mechanisms attached to the hoverboard body and adjacent to the wheels. Unfortunately, not many Self Balancing Scooters possess this feature.
    • Main Logic Board: The “brain” of a quality hoverboard, is the main logic board, the central processing unit (CPU) of the hoverboard. Like the CPU or “motherboard” of your computer, the main logic board controls most rider actions and hoverboard responses to these actions.

    How to Choose the Best Hoverboard for You

    While debate is rampant on which is the “best” hoverboard to buy.  Here are a few suggestions about some of the good quality hoverboards that you can go for:

    1. Revo Glider
    2. Sky Walker
    3. iDrift Self Balancing Scooter
    4. IO Hoverboard

    Stuck between Hoverboards & Electric Unicycles? You may want to read this:

    Electric Unicycle Vs Hoverboards - Which one should you go for?

    Although it is a personal choice, yet we are covering a few advantages in favour of hoverboards for those looking for a reason to buy Hoverboards 'only':

    • Two Wheels Are Easier to Minimize Risk of Falling
      Since unicycles feature a center-mounted single wheel, hoverboards, with 2 wheels are easier to control and ride for most people.
    • Quality Hoverboards Take Self Balancing Features Seriously
      Quality hoverboard features allow you to balance by simply adjusting your feet and body. Therefore, you will learn to balance and motor safely.
    • Safety First
      There is a universal agreement that self-balancing hoverboards are safe for most riders. Typically, hoverboards, with their larger two-wheeled base, reduce the risk of potential falls and injuries.

    Assuming you’re not a world-class Olympic athlete, these advantages should lead you to quality hoverboards, not cheap, inferior imitations. Choose a hoverboard with high-quality gyroscopes, batteries, motors, and safe electrical systems.

    Caution: While purchasing the cheapest hoverboards tend to appeal to those on a “tight” budget, be sure the hoverboard you choose has been certified safe to avoid the cheap imitation problems with their batteries, charging and/or electrical systems.

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