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5 Reasons Why the Electric Skateboard is Better than Regular Skateboard

Posted by Darren Lowe on


There was once a time when skateboarding was all the hype. Skating down your own neighbourhood or to school was considered cool. Even today, the longboard has not lost its elegance and lure but times have changed drastically. While you can still see the occasional skateboard, people are wanting different feelings & seeking different experiences.

One of the reasons behind the detachment from the trend could be the new generation of skateboards. Like most aspects of our lives, technology has impacted the old school longboard as well. What we now have kids pushing around is the electric skateboard; also known as e-skateboard. The activity is often referred to as esk8.

Many youngsters are in love with the electric skateboards. Here are a few reasons why the electric skateboard has much more to offer than the regular skateboard:


1.   Less Focus on Navigation

With the longboard, you have to focus a lot on the navigation even if you are an expert. It takes away from the real pleasure of the activity. People who were first introduced to the longboard and grew up learning it may disagree but once you have boarded the electric skateboard, you will know what the difference is.

2.   Safety First

No matter you are in a car, on a bicycle or skateboard, you can’t skip the safety factor. Those who are expert with the longboard know how to apply the brakes and stop but it still does not come close the braking system of the electric skateboard. All you have to do is push a button and control your speed with the remote control. This provides more safety.

3.   Level up the Cool Factor

As mentioned earlier, longboards were always the cool factor back in time. They still are but electric skateboards are slowly making their way up. Not increasingly common but when someone shoots by you on an electric skateboard, it definitely leaves behind the cool smoke.

4.   Go Up that Hill like Nobody’s Business

If you have ever pushed your regular skateboard up the hill, you know how hard it is. It takes energy and many don’t find much fun in this. On the other hand, electric skateboards can navigate upwards easily with a push of a button.

5.   Convenient Charging

Skating a longboard, you are bound to lose your breath at some point. Replenishing your physical energy is much more difficult than just plugging in your electric skateboard for charging. When your battery runs out, just find the nearest coffee shop and top up.

The list can go on. People who have tried electric skateboards are enjoying way more benefits than they ever could with the regular longboard, it is almost undeniable that the e-skateboard is the new cool trend.

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