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7 Exciting Activities to do with Drones

7 Exciting Activities to do with Drones Long gone are the days when drones were limited for military use. Nowadays, people are buying private drones for leisure activities, making their own videos, filming high quality movies etc. A variety of fascinating activities can be performed with a quality drone. Moreover, varying drones come with different features, which allow the user the freedom to have new exciting experiences. If you put in a search for activities with a drone, you will find a long list of ideas. In this post, we have collected a few of them. Let us skip past the very common ones such as taking a selfie and recording a video. 1.   Wildlife Monitoring Either you are just... Read More

5 Reasons Why the Electric Skateboard is Better than Regular Skateboard

               There was once a time when skateboarding was all the hype. Skating down your own neighbourhood or to school was considered cool. Even today, the longboard has not lost its elegance and lure but times have changed drastically. While you can still see the occasional skateboard, people are wanting different feelings & seeking different experiences. One of the reasons behind the detachment from the trend could be the new generation of skateboards. Like most aspects of our lives, technology has impacted the old school longboard as well. What we now have kids pushing around is the electric skateboard; also known as e-skateboard. The activity is often referred to as esk8. Many youngsters are... Read More



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