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World Hoverboard Day - Why they should be a part of Mainstream Traffic...

It's high time we acknowledged the importance of PMDs (Personal Mobility Devices) and allowed Hoverboards become a part of mainstream traffic. Not just that, I would even go to the lengths of recommending that at least one of the days in a week should be dedicated to ride Hoverboards only. A day to celebrate non polluting, fun and eco friendly way of personal transportation. “World Hoverboard Day”, it sounds so good in my head, may be not so much out loud but no harm imagining a day to encourage young and old to ride these self balancing scooters to offices, shopping malls or wherever you are going. Imagine swirling competitions near the water cooler! Well, that might sound a little too much... Read More

How to Select the “Right” Hoverboard that suits YOUR Style !!

Read This Before You Choose to Buy Self Balancing Scooter There are a wide variety of Hoverboards available to you today. Some have been deemed inferior that are cheaper than the best-made options. However, for your own fun, safety and the safety of others, you should consider the best choices for yourself. Ask Yourself Some Questions Before Buying A Hoverboard: What are you going to use the hoverboard for? Transportation from home to work or school? Or just for fun? How often do you plan to use it? Daily? Or just a few times per week or month? What features and attributes you value highly? Safety is the obvious and easy answer. But well-made hoverboards may have different attributes (covered... Read More



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